Achievement - List
  • Legion Community Affiliate

    Legion Community Affiliate

    Become an official Legion Community Affiliate! Be honest... you just wanted your own personal discount...
  • Legion Community Elite

    Legion Community Elite

    This Elite badge is awarded to members of the Legion Community for more than six months!
  • Legion Community Founding Member

    Legion Community Founding Member

    Be a founding legacy member of the 1.0 Legion Gaming Community. Legendary badges are Exclusive , and...
  • Legion Community Member

    Legion Community Member

    Sign into the community to become an official registered member. Look, if you can't complete this one...
  • Legion Community Moderator

    Legion Community Moderator

    Become an official Legion Community Moderator! Think you have what it takes to join the Mod Squad?...
  • Legion Loyalist

    Legion Loyalist

    This Epic badge is awarded for being a community member for more than thirty days!
  • Legion Post of the Month Award

    Legion Post of the Month Award

    You can earn this extremely exclusive badge for winning our Legion 'Post of the Month' competition.
  • Legion Profile Completed

    Legion Profile Completed

    Complete your Gaming Per Week , How Long Gaming , and Gaming Platforms fields on your profile The party...
  • Legion Reviewer - 2021

    Legion Reviewer - 2021

    You're a Master Reviewer! Awarded to those who submitted a review for our 2021 Christmas Mega Giveaway...
  • Master - Epic

    Master - Epic

    Comment 25 times in community group discussions. Got something to say? Prove it! This Epic badge...