Which Apex Legend is your favorite to play?

Which Legend is currently your go-to?

What do you like about that character specifically over the others?

Has your main changed over time, or have you always been a one trick pony?

  • revenant and caustic are my favorite legends currently because with revenant we can push a team without a worry of dying and we can silence the enemies abilities  and with caustic we can make enemies turn back and run.

  • I'm ew to the game but Bloodhound and Wraith are fine for me. 
    I want to play Octane tho

  • I know this post is quite old, but I just got Seer today and he's actually quite fun :)

  • I LOVE playing Fuse! Because his accent is spot on, and he is just fun to play with! I love being offensive and using grenades and such! 

  • Have you guys tried out Newcastle? Been having a great time with him. His defensive skills are perfect for getting your teammates out of a pinch and that drag ability when reviving teammates is a lifesaver. Shame they took the res shield away form Lifeline though.