Apex Legend basic questions

  1. How do you adapt your playstyle when playing with a random squad versus a pre-made team?

  2. In terms of legends, do you prefer a more aggressive, defensive, or supportive role? Which legend best suits your preferred playstyle?

  3. What changes or additions would you like to see in future updates or seasons of Apex Legends?

  • My friends are quite a bit better than me so I generally fall into the supportive role with them. On a random squad though, you never really know what you're gonna get so I think you need some flexibility to fill whatever gap you identify and mesh with their style. In practice random teams seem to play a bit aggressive and less regard for teammates which is understandable but not necessarily conducive for wins lol!

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    Oh forgot the last question lol. I think the new player experience could use a little attention, been a minute since I went through it but I found it a bit tough and daunting which I fear could put people off trying the game further.