Last chance for Forge Squad PLUS another beta key up for grabs!

Hey Team Freebies,

Forge Squad is still up for grabs! With only a few days left, visit the page HERE and answer the question to be in the running.

We also have yet another beta key up for grabs this week - 


"Kingshunt combines the best and most ruthless aspects of combat in tower defense and souls-like games with the tactical nous required in real-time strategy games. Choose your hero, join the fight, and carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in this fast-paced thriller that mixes skill with visceral hero combat. Eager combatants should sharpen their swords and axes and ready themselves for the battlefield. "

To win, visit THIS PAGE and answer the question:

What's your go-to weapon of choice for castle siege combat?

Good luck! 

  • yeah, it was a close call xD

  • Hey Joker_zida! Yes this one was one of our gamekey giveaways which ran earlier this year. We have some more gamekey giveaways lined up though, so keep your eyes peeled!