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Describe your ideal Lenovo Legion gaming setup

Get as descriptive as you like – we’re talking hardware, audio setup, accessories, lighting, wall detail, merch, the whole package! We don’t just wanna know you want nice lights, we want to know what shade of lights. Know the Pantone #? Chuck it in. Yeah. Descriptive. As always, please keep your responses in line with our Community guidelines.

We’ll be choosing the FIVE most visually descriptive responses to receive a Smart Bundle, which includes:

  • 1x Smart Clock Gen 2 (now comes with a charging pad!)
  • 1x 5M LED Smart Light Strip
  • 1x 2M LED Smart Light Strip
  • 1x Smart Plug
  • 2x Smart Colour Bulbs

Get started on your at-home setup with this kit – sure to boost the lighting ~mood~ and take you one step closer to your dream setup. We look forward to seeing all your responses, good luck!

Competition ends October 3rd 2021, open to AU residents only. For more information, see the terms and conditions here

  • Lenovo Legion setup is the best place to control and change your game audio Sound with the best microphone to have a perfect connection with your squad to get perfect gameplay. Also, we can not forget the best lighting which makes you focus on the game and make your room design modern and beautiful. Legion game chair helps you to get healthy and comfortable sitting. Legion mouses with high frame screens help you to choose your decision to fight or escape Sweat smile from the enemies.

    I know that I am not going to win because I am outside AU  but I am just want to participate. WaveBlush

  • Oh no! Sorry Joker_zida, perhaps one day we can run something fun for all our global members Slight smile Appreciate and love the participation! Clap

  • My ultimate setup would be...

    All-White top spec Legion 7i tower with a Sound-Blaster AE-9 and a custom Blu-ray drive built into the case.

    3x Lenovo G32qc-10 Monitors arranged right next to each other to create an ultrawide experience. Recolored white first, of course.

    A ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II, Legion M600 and the new Aqua Xbox wireless controller for inputs.

    A custom white desk with built-in under-table cable management hooks and holes to make the setup as uncluttered and clean as possible. Also a custom hole in the edge of the desk to mount the control panel for the Sound Blaster, so it's out of the way and looks even cleaner.

    Another special custom part of the desk: A swappable section where the keyboard/mouse would go. This would be so I could have 2 of these: One with my keyboard and mouse, and another with a mounted Logitech G923 Racing Wheel for my racing games. (Pedals just stay under the desk.)

    I'm not a huge fan of lots of RGB Lights, so the only place I would set some up (Besides the PC itself) would be behind the desk, lighting up behind my setup and the wall behind it.

    To sit, a simple red-leather office chair is good enough for me, as long as it's comfortable for long periods of sitting in, and has plenty of back support.

    Additional accessories would be some hooks on the wall to mount the controller and a Valve Index, so I could finally play Half-Life Alyx!

    What to do with this overpowered rig? I could play anything I wanted on it, but I'd probably play Half-Life Alyx with my VR Headset and go back to Fallout: New Vegas and Project CARS 2, just on Ultra High instead of Ultra Low.

    Oh, and a Legion 7i laptop (also top-spec and white) to bring a bit of that gaming power with me!

  • You have quite a few details in there my friend. Good thing that you have everything figured out. ^^

  • My ultimate and ideal Lenovo Legion gaming setup, would be everything and anything, that I can win. Anything with any colour, shape or new technology would be great, to help modernize my current ancient and extremely old gaming PC setup Slight smile

  • My ideal set-up would be a laptop with a Ryzen 5th gen. Black is preferred and RGB lighting is optional. I would also like a curved monitor any size as I could plug the laptop in.

  • Backyard room the size of a double car garage that is detached from the main house with dark grey walls and sound proof padding (Don't want to be waking up my wife and kids - Need that distraction free gaming session).

    Lenovo LED smart light strips wrapped around from corner to corner on the floor and ceiling.

    Custom built smart RGB light in the shape of the Lenovo Legion logo on the centre of the room ceiling.

    Custom built large U shaped sit down/stand up desk (deep red (HEX #7D1600) top with black sides and custom RGB Legion Logo built into the desk just below the centre monitor and Lenovo LED smart light strips wrapped around under the desk)

    Steelcase Gesture with arms and headrest (black frame and scarlet red fabric) (you gotta game in comfort right?)

    To keep immersed in my virtual gaming worlds, a nice pair of 7.1 surround sound Lenovo Legion H500 Pro Stereo Gaming Headset.

    Triple screen Lenovo G32qc-10 WLED QHD Curved Gaming Monitor (Having that high resolution curved wide view from 3 screens will add to the immersive experience)

    Lenovo Legion K500 RGB keyboard, Lenovo Legion M600 wireless gaming mouse, Lenovo Legion Gaming XL Cloth Mouse Pad, Playstation DualSense controller in cosmic red (need those adaptive triggers for compatible games to add to the experience).

    Lenovo Legion Tower 7i
    RTX 3080
    32GB RGB-XMP-RAM DDR4 3600MHz
    2x 1TB PCIe SSD (Gen 4)

    For the go or if it pouring rain to get to the backyard room, a Lenovo Legion 7i Gaming Laptop
    RTX 3080
    2 x 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
    2x 1TB PCIe SSD

    Lenovo Legion 17-inch Armoured Backpack II

    IKEA SKÅDIS Pegboards painted in a deep red to dark gray gradient spanning across 1 wall with various SKÅDIS hooks, storage bags, holders and containters to hold all the gaming and tech accessories.

    IKEA EKOLSUND Recliner in Gunnared dark grey for when I want to lounge around on the Legion 7i Laptop

    I'd also like to have a large TV and gaming consoles in the room.

  • That would be a really nice and cozy room. I can imagine it right now!

  • Gaming setups can be very personal.

    1) gaming chair - Lenovo Coolermaster CALIBER R2 GAMING CHAIR

    2) Noise-canceling headphones  -  ThinkPad X1 Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

    3) A high-powered gaming monitor - Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 43.4-inch WLED Curved Panel HDR Gaming Monitor

    4) A gaming laptop to take your campaign mobile - Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 (16" Intel)

    5) A highly adaptable mouse - Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    6) Legion Gaming XL Cloth Mouse and Keyboard Mat 

    7) A keyboard that’s comfortable on your wrists - Lenovo Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • I did not do my research properly, I would love that ultrawide Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 43.4-inch WLED Curved monitor as well!