[Ended][Epic Games] Blazing Sails and Q.U.B.E Ultimate Bundle

Two pretty fun games this week for your regular Epic freebie!

Blazing Sails - a cute pirate PvP

Q.U.B.E ultimate bundle - a great set of puzzle games


Next week is Eternal Threads, an unique looking puzzle game, and The Evil Within which is a classic survival horror. 

  • Thanks for letting everyone know! Will be sure to pick them up and let some friends know.

  • Glad to help! Always good to add a bit more to the back log haha.

  • Yeah haha, I played Q.U.B.E for a few hours and found it quite fun. I might decide to download and play Q.U.B.E 2 soon.

  • New week now so title games are gone but you can pick up Eternal Threads and The Evil Within! Next week is The Evil Within 2 which is pretty cool as well as Tandem: A Tale of Shadows which I'm not familiar with.

  • Thanks for the info!