[Ended][Epic Games] Golden Light

Another Friday, another freebie from Epic. This week is Golden Light, which I have not tried but is described as 'A Survival-Horror FPS Prop Hunt Roguelike about meat.' Sounds.... interesting.

You might already have this one if you have Amazon Prime.

  • It's Friday which means new freebie! Now it's Surviving the Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic colony builder which seems pretty interesting.

  • Ill be sure to pick them up, thanks.

  • Apparently a game called EARTHLOCK is also free but Australians can't get it?!

  • That's so annoying! If you go on steam then you will find that Half-Life is also free. It's an absolutely amazing game so make sure to pick that up too.

  • Ah 25th Anniversary! Good catch thanks what an amazing game