What's all the AU community members currently playing??

Thought similar to what the Lenovo/Legion staff have been sharing of late we could also have an ongoing post with what we've been playing and thoughts/recommendations based on your hands on experience.

For me the game I've been spending quite a bit of time on is Dragons Dogma 2 the game is absolutely awesome (favourite of the year so far),I love the way it allows you to switch between play styles/vocations throughout the game to keep mixing it up. I've easily spent about 25+hrs in the game since launch and being open world its guaranteed that every one will have a slightly varied play through experience :) 

  • I played it on GamePass a while back but I picked up Tetris Effect: Connected during the spring sales and am addicted again.

    Trying to grind out the achievements but man that Japanese D-SS grading system is brutal haha! One of the achievements is to get "S" everywhere but some of the modes I can barely scrape an A with the best game of my life. You're always getting better with Tetris though so making slow progress :).

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    Nice, its funny how they have revolutionised Tetris and it keeps getting better over time! Just checked a preview of this one, the co-op elements also look cool!! And yep they definitely like a challenge in their games!! 

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    It has multiplayer vs which isn't bad and the "connected" mode which is coop but honestly not a real draw of the game - really you just wanna vibe out of the music in the normal modes haha.

  • So far I have been spreading managed democracy throughout the galaxy (Helldivers 2). but every now and then I go play some Rainbow Six Siege with my friends. Also finished my Resident Evil marathon which was amazing. I have a few zombie dreams which at some point, it started to get thrilling and existing rather than terrifying.Sweat smile

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    Played Tetris 99 on switch, its so addictive as well. Its another, one more time type of game

  • HellDivers 2 has definitely been the surprise hit of the year thus far, if they keep up with the ongoing content releases its definitely up there for game of the year from what i've seen (yet to play myself!)

  • I feel like I need to play HD2 just to get all the memes lol!

  • I had platinumed Resident Evil 5 many moons ago, Picked up RE2 and RE3 remakes on sale and now must relive Raccoon City once again! 

  • Not going to put any spoilers out there but Im thinking I might need to jump back on for some Fallout Nostalgia in the next gen update after watching the latest series and seeing the various collabs being released! 

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    Is the series any good, its on my weekend watch list, not too much hype around it. Question is which Fallout you jumping back into. New Vegas, 4, or online?