Wouldn’t it be great if a Godzilla video game was to be made ?

I believe that there should be a Godzilla game where you explore hollow earth and battle with the other titans in an open world type game.This would be a lot more interesting as no one has made one as far as I know but this game should be made 

  • Do you want to be Godzilla or one of the ones fighting it lol?

  • I mean there is Rampage... Or are you trying to take down Godzllla? If so, maybe there should be a collaboration with the Monster Hunter series to bring Godzilla in, so many worthy Monster Hunts where you are fighting something in similar size. 

  • Monster Hunter Collab would probably be a great way to to it,  you're right the systems already perfect for it 

  • Can you imagine how cool the Godzilla armour would look, it would be a showpiece next to Rathalos armour. Make me wanna jump back in to MH

  • hollow earth or middle earth...Smeagol vs Godzilla could be a good laugh!!

  • This is an awesome cross over if they went ahead with it. Imagine a Godzilla Head piece it would look amazing!! 

  • With how the Gollum game went, it would be something so funny it would be worth a buy just for the giggles!