I need your help to buy a gaming laptop.

I want to buy a new gaming laptop (hopefully to start a career as E.Sports professional) and was wondering if the Lenovo Legion Slim 5 16" with AMD Ryzen 8845 and RTX 4060 is a good laptop.

I would like to hear from people who have it; also, I'm in Australia and the price of that laptop is inflated (now at 1899 Australian dollars on the Lenovo online store) and it's nowhere near its reasonable price or sales in the U.S. I wonder If the price can go down for Au $1200 (much reasonable at this point of the year for this 2023 refresh & with the new AMD/INTEL + Nvidia 5000 cards just around the corner next January & the end of fiscal year sales in next June).

Also, for some reason Lenovo didn't introduce the Legion Slim 5 16" with RTX 4050 in the Australian market!!!???

  • Looking forward to hear back from you

  • Is there a reason you're going for a laptop over desktop? Keeping a laptop thin and cool means they are not as powerful and more expensive in general than comparable desktops.

  • Hi Max, 

    You will get a lot more in depth response from the Discord/Reddit of Legion given they have a larger global user base. Like Ben asked is there a reason you're opting for a laptop over a PC (Legion Tower or similar)? Whilst I get its better for portability and my Legion 5 is an awesome gaming device if you're looking for longer hours of use a PC that's required in scrims, tournaments and the like you can't go past a PC setup to assist with cooling and the like. Also easier to upgrade down the track.

    As for other comments, we are a smaller market so it makes sense that we have a more limited range available locally, also with global shipping costs increasing and our dollar dropping on the market unfortunately pricing will vary as well. That being said when you actually factor in the currency conversion costs against the US dollar and taxes applied by the Aus government the pricing is similar for both countries.

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    Fair enough. The 4060s are obviously newest tech so going to be a price premium, there might be sales come 5000 series but it's unlikely to drop quite that much.

    What kind of games and resolution/frame rate are you targetting? It's likely the 3000 cards will be more than enough, most eSports games are not demanding.

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    I prefer Nvidia 4000 series because of the frame generation tech which would help in demanding titles to run smoothly. Aslo the RTX 4060 comes with 8GB of vram wich is better than the 4gb or 6gb in the RTX 3050 or 3060 (another future proof feature). Final reason for not going with the 3000 is its high power consumption to deliver the same performance as the 4000 series.

    I want to Play FPS games like call of duty and horizon zero dawn at least at 1080p 100 fps.
    I'm a veteran of world of tanks (from 2013) but stopped playing it because my  current laptop can't run it more than 1.5 hours (on low settings), then the game crash or the laptop overheat and restart by itself.
    In addition to that I love strategy games (both real time strategy and turn based), I used to play Red Alert 2 Civilization 4/5//6, Humankind and Victoria3.
    Also would love to play forza horizon 5 (used to play need for speed most wanted).

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    Thanks for the advice about Discord/Reddit of Legion.
    Another reason is overall cost is similar, especially that I'll need a completely new PC with New monitor (21" & 120hz at least), also the specs of the 4060 mobile is the same as the 4060 for pc.
    Note that I travel and I stay periods overseas for long, it's not a local or short trip.

    About the Aussie market, Lenovo still import the laptops from it's factory in China, so it doesn't make sense that they don't offer the Slim 5 with RTX 4050 for any reason but to inflate the price of the same laptop with RTX 4060.
    The other way around that is the Lenovo LOQ which is an inferior laptop compared to the Legion and when it's equipped with the same specs as the Legion Slim 5, it becomes more expensive or at least same price, yet you still get the same lower LOQ build material, smaller battery and less screen resolution, no option to get the top tier cpu (usually it's the Intel 12450/13450/13650 or the AMD 7735(Ryzen 6000)/7640, no option to upgrade the battery, no option to get 32gb of ram, and the LOQ lower power capacity than the Legion Slim 5, so on top of everything else ,you can't get the maximum performance of your specs.

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    Sounds like you have done the research pretty well then. A cursory search for RTX4060 laptops.I found a couple around the $1400 mark refurbished, a few new options with a 4050, but the reality is that the parts you're after won't be at the price you want for a good while. GPUs are expensive and demand is staying high, staying at your budget the better you go,  the more compromises you have to make on the other parts.

    I guess wait and see what EOFY deals look like?

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    Actually I made a long deep research for a couple of months. The Acer nitro 5 is available (usually with Intel 12450 processor) at officeworks for $1098 with RTX 4050 but build quality and TDP is unsatisfactory to me, also the same with the same laptop but with RTX 4060 and available for $1300-1400 (also screen colours, nits & accuracy is not that good + no advanced optimus nor G-SYNC).

    The Lenovo Legion Slim 5 with RTX 4060 is the one for me (despite the 512GB of storage and the 16GB of ram).
    Currently it's on sale at Lenovo Au online store for $1899 only, on top of that 2 days ago I found a time limited 14% cashback at cashrewards website.

    I snatched that offer and added another 16GB of ram (now 32GB in total for + $80) for a total of $1962 (with the lowest 1 year warranty option to save about $17).
    And with the help of the 14% cachback ($275) the total price became $1687.
    Also I will travel overseas in less than 60 days, so I can (hopefully) claim the GST that was included in the price I paid (usually counted at 1/11 of the total price, or about $150-170) bringing the final price down to about $1537-1517.

    At the EOFY I wouldn't have enough time to wait for my laptop to be shipped (I will travel mid June), also you can't really be sure about the sales at that time (I looked at ozbargain.com.au for any good deals for that laptop around last EOFY and found almost nothing special), and I don't think that Lenovo will ever lower the price under the current $1899 mark, so it's the best deal (fair price overall compared to specs) with the 14% cashback.

    What do you think?

    Unfortunately no lenovo representative talked to me before my purchase despite my request/demand to talk to them 2 different times in 2 different days before my purchase.
    Fearing to loose the sale and/or the time limited 14% cashback I decided to make the purchase myself and don't wait Lenovo representatives to talk back to me based on my request (they still ignoring my requests)
    Now I gave them a phone call, but Lenovo refuses to give me the backback that comes with the sales of it's laptops at the price of only $1 (Can anyone in the forum here help me with that??).

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    That's a pretty good price for the laptop. This is just the gaming forum though, you would need to go support site for any purchase queries.