Computex 2024

All things Computex...Looking forward to this year with a strengthened AI focus. 4-7 June 2024

AMD "Join us as Dr. Lisa Su delivers the Computex 2024 opening keynote and shares the latest on how AMD and our partners are pushing the envelope with our next generation of high-performance PC, data center and AI solutions,"

  • The new Copilot+PC lineups look great. So slim and feature packed, especially like the look of the Yoga Slim 7x

    Makes the new macbook airs look chunky

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    The next few years should see some good leaps in this space thats for certain!

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    Its very exciting, with the NPU dedicated processing units that can perform AI tasks that previously were online but now able to be done on machine. That and the battery life and performance on par hopefully with macbook airs. This makes it more of a choice now, previously for say a uni student, your macbook air could do 16-18 hours a day where as any other windows based laptop was getting 8 hours before it needed to be plugged in. I'm really excited that these kind of windows based machines are finally competing with Apple. 

  • The six major themes for the event are AI computing, advanced connectivity, future mobility, immersive reality, sustainability, and innovations.

    Do wonder if LEGION/Lenovo have anything up their sleeve they'll be announcing... LEGION Go Lite rumours circulating but I don't believe it will be denied/substantiated at the show. 

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    Definitely can appreciate the competition it should provide in that space, also good potentially for work travel trips as well. 

  • Also do you think the latest trend of rear connection motherboards will become the norm, from an aesthetic perspective they definitely look great. Computex should bring us some awesome new custom case builds as always 

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    All new gear announcements are dropping closer to the event, I can't wait to learn about them all from the various keynotes!

  • AMD Ryzen 9000 Series Processors have been announced 

    AM5 CPU

    AMD Ryzen 9 9950X

    • 16 Cores/32 Threads
    • Up to 5.7 GHz Max Boost
    • 80 MB Cache
    • 170W TDP

    AMD Ryzen 9 9900X

    • 12 Cores/24 Threads
    • Up to 5.6 GHz Max Boost
    • 76 MB Cache
    • 120W TDP

    AMD Ryzen 7 9700X

    • 8 Cores/16 Threads
    • Up to 5.5 GHz Max Boost
    • 40 MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    AMD Ryzen 5 9600X

    • 6 Cores/12 Threads
    • Up to 5.4 GHz Max Boost
    • 38MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    AM4 CPU

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900XT

    • 16 Cores/32 Threads
    • Up to 4.8 GHz Max Boost
    • 72MB Cache
    • 105W TDP

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800XT

    • 8 Cores/16 Threads
    • Up to 4.8 GHz Max Boost
    • 36MB Cache
    • 105W TDP


    AMD X870/X870E Chipsets

    • USB 4.0 standard on all X870 / X870E motherboards
    • PCIe Gen 5 on Graphics and NVMe on all X870 / X870E motherboards
    • Higher AMD EXPO memory clock support on X870 / X870E motherboards