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Hey, Legion Gaming Community! We need your help! 
We want to make sure that we’re expressing the benefits of Lenovo Gaming in a way that our community understands. 
Please review the headline and paragraph options below and provide your responses to the questions that follow:

Headline Options: 

  • Headline Option 1: Smarter Play. Starts with Lenovo 
  • Headline Option 2: Your gaming journey. Made smarter with Lenovo 
  • Headline Option 3: Make the Smarter Play with Lenovo Gaming 

Paragraph Options: 

  • Paragraph Option 1: 
    Play smarter on Lenovo hardware, customized to your needs with AI-tuned performance that crushes both framerates and the competition. Dive into each game along with an epic community of gamers offering advice, sharing stories while also helping you earn rewards. Your gaming journey starts with Lenovo! 
  • Paragraph Option 2: 
    Start your gaming journey with Lenovo. We are your partners through every adventure, helping deliver truly immersive gameplay on hardware customized to your needs with AI-tuned performance that crushes both framerates and the competition. You get an ally in Lenovo with advice from a community of like-minded gamers, custom spec'd machines and accessories along with the opportunity to earn rewards.  
  • Paragraph Option 3: 
    When you begin your gaming journey with Legion, it’s the smarter play. Legion brings fully immersive gameplay with top spec hardware, customized to your needs. Plus you get an ally where you can seek advice from a community of gamers, the right accessories to maximize your gaming sessions, and the opportunity to earn rewards along the way! 

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Once you’ve completed the poll questions, please provide your thoughts on the following questions in the Comment section below: 

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about these statements?  
  2. Was there anything about these statements that you found difficult to understand? 
  3. Based on what you’ve read here, can you articulate in a few sentences what you understand the value to be for Lenovo Gaming?