Pro tips for Planning an engagement in advance?

Being engaged to the person you love is everyone's dream. The assurance from your partner to be there with you for the rest of your life is the most precious feeling. Engagement is just the start of the celebration which is followed by the bridal shower or bachelorette leading to the result that is the wedding. The guest list of the engagement party is kept shorter and only friends and family members are normally invited to the event. 
Whether the event is small or big every couple wants the day to be just perfect and perfect includes everything. The decor, food, lighting, dress, Asscher cut diamond engagement rings everything needs to be just the way you envisioned. But there are so many things that can go wrong and avoid that here are some tips and trick you should follow.   

3 months before the engagement 

Try to plan out your big day three months before the event.  Pick a date and start looking for a venue as you have and make a booking of your dream venue. It is always better to plan your proposal at least three months before the engagement. Also, you will be able to plan the engagement more constructively. Also, you will have enough time to inform your loved ones about your special day so that they can plan on attending the event in advance. Also, you will get to choose the perfect round diamond engagement rings

Assign duty

Designate duties to the vendor before your wedding.  It is your day and you don't need to take responsibility for every arrangement Specify what you want your friend to do and enjoy. Also if everyone is already assigned specific duties there will be no confusion and the event will be managed more smoothly.


Determining the budget for any event is a very important aspect to consider. Let it be a small event you should determine a limit before you plan to execute it. Also, have to keep in mind that you cannot spend all your money on this one occasion as the main event which is the marriage is yet to come. So it is best to jot down your guest list, decor, and catering according to your budget before the engagement.

Decide on menu

Food is the life of every event and you need to decide the menu keeping the taste and culture of your guest in mind. Also if it is a sit-down dinner you will need to cater at least a five-course meal or else if you have enough space in your venue you can also go for the buffet.  


It is best to keep your decor simple and elegant. Talk with a professional designer regarding your choice of decor. You can go for a particular color theme or real flower decor. All this will depend on the size and location of the venue.
Whatever type of engagement you plan on it is important to execute it smoothly. By keeping in mind the basic factors that affect the big day and delegating the tasks according, you can make sure it becomes one of the most important day of your life. Check Hatton Garden Jewellers for the choice of ring you would like for your partner.