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In the comments below, please share any problems you have experienced in installing, storing, or playing a game due to a game's file size. Or feel free to share any other issue you have relating to game storage on your device.

  • I'm old school and prefer to keep my C: drive windows and essentials only.

    What really irritates me is when a game absolutely refuses to let me choose where to install it and defaults to C: This is my smallest drive, for the reason previously stated. I may be able to manually move it later but please, just let ME choose where I want it to be stored.

    I also like the convenience of PORTABILITY when installing on external drives. I can take that drive to another pc I own and continue playing when, for whatever reason, my main pc is busy with some other task or in the horrific instance of a C: drive failure. Examples of that would be a failed or incompatibile/incomplete OS update (who hasnt had this happen? grr), general drive hardware failure, virus/infection, etc.

    Games are just getting waaaay to big to even consider having only one drive or even two drives. Those days are long gone. Having to choose which game to uninstall to make space for a new game (or one you're revisiting but dont yet own on pc) is also irritating.

    I'm also in AU, a country which is sadly lagging behind others when it comes to both internet access AND data pricing. I only want to download a game ONCE for this reason. Patches and updates are generally smaller than the base game. It's crazy that sometimes buying a new drive can work out cheaper than reinstalling a very large game. MSFS with all your addons for example. Its HUGE! For the same reason (data download costs) it's much more economical to buy a game and download it once, than use streaming game services. Game size is something I have to scroll down and consider when looking at a game I might like. Running out of data or being shaped during a game download SUCKS. By the time I'm downloading I've already determined I have enough drive space for it. Bought game. Wanna play!

    My response reads like a rant but its really not. Storage and data cost are things I need to keep in mind when browsing games to play. Slight smile

  • With games getting bigger and bigger i find myself only having a few installed at any given time, external hard drives are the key though for gaming on the go I do have to be selective

  • Once I had installed rust ojn my internal hard drive but had to move it to my internal SSD. After moving the files, steam didnt recognise the game anymore so I had to reinstall it.

  • I expect it's not such a problem nowadays with SSDs being so much cheaper but my PC has a 512GB one coupled to a 2TB HDD. Works most of the time unless the game is ridiculously large like some COD titles. It does mean always having to consider which drive you're saving to though. 

  • Storage is a problem I am currently running into as I play more games that require lots of storage. Having to get multiple hard drives and ssd's can become a massive issue not only from the cost but also due to the amount of slots avaliable and finding what game is where. There also comes a problem when some games don't get recognised and I have to reinstall. Storage is simply the biggest hastle for me.