Legion GO - Do you see it being successful in the Australian market/globally? Are you personally interested in getting one?

Had a chance to take a 'first look' at a working model (not final product) from Ben Green on the Lenovo Legion Stream - Legion Go FIRST LOOK and return of game key giveaways with @benjamingreen | !legion !notify !discord - Twitch
God of War looked amazing on it, the FPS mouse mode setup looks interesting, would definitely need some tweaking per game to make the most of its functionality.

Age group suitability I believe would be late teens upwards though I'm sure Lenovo will have their own target market that we will see in their marketing closer to launch.

Anyways for those interested have a look at that stream link and keep an eye on future ones as I'm sure Ben will continue to show it off for us all the way up through its official release. 

  • Hi  

    Thank you for coming out to watch the stream! I saw many people still showing excitement and asking questions too. Love to see it :D

    Ben will definitely continue showing it off on stream, hopefully with a post-production model as well for proper benchmarking. Stay tuned for more content around the Legion Go :) 

  • My interest is certainly piqued. I might have missed it but was there mention of the expected battery life? My use case probably doesn't require it to be super long but interested in how it compares.

  • I actually really want one because it would be really convenient to have as I have a pc but I just bought a ps5 for the new spider-man game so I will unfortunately have to wait but hopefully I will have enough when it releases. I can definitely see it being a popular thing in Australia as all my mates know about it and are really keen to get one soon.