Video Game Movie/TV Adaptions - What would you like to see?

With the latest indepth look at the Fallout TV series circulating and rumours of the possibility of a WoW TV series what other video games would you like to see brought to either the big screen (movie) or be made into its own TV Series.

I think the upcoming Fallout shows a lot of promise and really enjoyed the game. Previously I've enjoyed RE/MK movie adaptions and there's a few others as well.

Of course not all adaptions are successful and there have been various flops over the years, that being said with ongoing improvements in technology and an increase in performance from laptops/PC's allowing for stunning cinematics included in games I think there will be more crossover adaptions released in the next few years. 

I'd love to see a Red Dead Redemption 2 movie personally and I know there's plenty of others out there who would also love to see it happen!!

  • Runescape sounds interesting.

    There is alot of indepth lore behind it, runescape was made before WoW and is still going strong today (including old school version of runescape) so it has built up a long lore line and many characters.

    "Runescape the great war" there is gods and generals behind those, along with big armies.

    The great war is apart of the history of runescape, considering there was 3 main gods (good, bad and balance) and multiple from sub factions, it should make a long and action packed series.

  • Would love this kinda like the D&D movie but with that British humour!

  • Would love this kinda like the D&D movie but with that British humour!

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