Vote for the Legion Community Game of the Year 2023!

2023 was an amazing year for video games, but which title was the best of the best?

To find out, we’ve selected a shortlist of top games from the last 12 months, and we want YOU to vote for your favourite to be crowned Legion Community Game of the Year 2023!

The results of this poll will be shared at a special event at the end of the month - keep your eyes peeled on the community for more info. Eyes

  • For me personally it was too hard to go past BG3, will be one I can go back to for years to come!

    And special event at the end of the month you say.... looking forward to hearing more :) 

  • 2023 was absolutely wild, any other year I reckon Alan Wake 2 or Phantom Liberty would have swept things but Baldurs Gate 3 just went so so far beyond everything else. I know the style of the game is not for everyone but I think we all can appreciate the amount of love, care and sheer hard work that went into such a free and genuinely open world.

  • I would have loved to choose BG3 or AW2 however I had only really put time into Diablo IV, so that is my choice

  • The upcoming season/content for Diablo IV sounds pretty cool, I definitely invested a fair few hours as I levelled up a character to 100 each time. Plan is to use different character type each season, this upcoming one I'll go either Necro or Barb more than likely. 

  • I might need to jump back in, I dropped off but with all the enhanccements mentioned. Never tried to get into Seasons, so will give it a go when free

  • When is the ceremony, and are we tuning in on twitch or YouTube? I'm keen to see who wins the award

  • Jeff they've put up a post for it on the home page, also some additional sections to vote on, so a few extra awards - Vote in our 2023 Lenovo Community Awards | Lenovo Gaming (AU)
    Wednesday morning early AM (4AM AEDT) for us, obviously adjust that time depending which side of the country you're on.
    (Can always check the event in Discord Legion community and it will have your local timezone adjusted)

  • A tad early in Aus, but I'm sure to watch when it gets posted in the channel!

  • Yeah it aligns with when Ben G normally streams. They do also have streams at other times in the week which are more AU time friendly, for instance Beewhyan went live on the LenovoLegion channel today (Thursday) at 0900 AEDT.

    Like you've mentioned for those that don't watch live no doubt will be able to watch it back via Twitch and wouldn't be surprised if they posted it in the community chats either.

    Ben has also trialed multi platform streaming this year so likely you'll to be able to watch via YT in future if that's what you'd prefer

  • Thanks Cee, always a wealth of knowledge! fantastic contribution!