I'm happy to announce our new dedicated Legion Go discussion group!

By popular demand, we're creating a space all about the Legion Go for members and staff alike. Our recent Legion Go product roadmap updates from  have been very popular, and have taken over the Legion Products group, so a new dedicated discussion group makes sense. We'll also be moving previous Legion Go product updates into this group soon.

Thanks everyone for your excitement about the Legion Go - we look forward to seeing what you have to say here!

  • HI, I'm new at this. I was just wondering if there is a live demo or dummy Legion Go that I can go view in a store in Brisbane, Australia? 

    Many thanks Scott

  • Hey Scott, if the stores you frequent in your area don't have any websites or apps that let you know of display models in said stores, I recommend giving them a ring if the travel is a hassle for you. Hopefully, they'd be able to let you know if they have display models :) 

  • I'm sure it would depend on location but JB Hifi , Harvey Norman are just a few of the major retailers selling them and may have one on display in some of their larger stores. Worth giving them a call to check as mentioned by Kelie. That being said