Steam OS on the Legion Go?

Just like in the title, I was wondering if anyone here has tried SteamOS on their Legion Go, and what kind of experience this is like. I'm looking into getting a handheld gaming PC, and SteamOS' simplicity and added console-Ness are big draws for the Steam Deck (personally), but the Legion Go's 1600p screen and detachable controllers are a hard thing to go past lol.


berryblaster :) 

  • Curious if you ever got an answer to this? I did not think it would be possible but then saw Ayaneo advertised at CES that they would be the first competitor to run SteamOS.  

  • May sound like an odd suggestion but consider re-posting it to the US community given the wider audience of users - Legion Go | Lenovo Gaming (US)

  • Looks like it might have already been answered there: 

    TLDR: It's possible, with a few flaws like button mapping and things break a bit when updated. Might improve in future but for the time being probably not worth it since you're not getting access to some of the best SteamOS features.

  • Saw another thread in the US. Forum which looks super positive:

     EVERYTHING JUST WORKS!! Install a Linux Steam Deck Edition 

    Actually a great idea having the two partitions and two microSD cards to get the best of both worlds. Would be keen to hear how difficult it would be to set up for someone like me who isn't the most tech savvy.