Legion To Desktop Set-up?

Does anybody use their Legion Go as a desktop?

I don't currently have a Windows device, I use a Chromebook and my phone has a desktop mode, but every now and then I have to borrow my mother-in-law's laptop to use Windows-only programs. So I'm looking forward to plugging my Legion Go (when I eventually get one) in to a monitor, hooking up my keyboard and mouse, and having a full desktop experience as well as a gaming handheld I can take out with me.

Does anybody use their Legion To as a desktop as well as handheld? What's the experience like?

  • Jamie mate you might be able to message Raven over on the US Legion Community to ask them how their experience is - Their home/work setups are shown in the show us your setup (both very cool!).

    Show us your Legion-themed gaming setup! (Social Collab) | Lenovo Gaming (US)

    Based on what i've heard there's quite a few people using it as both a mix of work and play!! :)

  • I think its such an amazing machine that it can actually be used in desktop mode. Imagine trying to dock your nintendo switch? its such a powerful handheld!

  • I remember back in school IT class having to do the old Alt Tab for the browser windows, imagine with this powerful device you'd be tabbing out of the latest AAA game titles!! Definitely an awesome setup, also there was the video put up by Kellie which showed it set up on the move, they opted for a small keyboard and mouse to go with their setup as well. Game changer if you ask me and getting better by the day with all the updates