Legion Go Update 12.01.24

Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of activity on the back end this last week, progress being made in a few key areas.

Legion Space (Tentatively & BIOS (v29)

The upcoming V29 BIOS that I mentioned last week along with the new Space update which will add Fan Curve settings, FPS Limiter, Automatic Driver Updates, etc. will likely be out within the next 3 weeks if no show-stopping issues are found. These two things go hand-in-hand as a lot of the new functionality in Space requires coordination between BIOS (Fan) and Service/Vantage departments (Drivers). For example if we released the Space update first without the necessary BIOS support you'd see fan adjustments in the SW but not have the necessary BIOS hooks to adjust. If we released the BIOS and Space without the Service support then Space wouldn't be able to ensure you had the latest BIOS to get the necessary fan hooks and would rely on users to manually update, etc. So, this is all to say that some of these more robust updates are interconnected and need to be rolled out simultaneously. All of this work is ongoing but we're at the mercy of how early the latest component can be ready.

You can read more about the planned Space and BIOS updates in Last Week's Post

Feature Implementation Priorities Going Forward

This is roughly the order of the high priority items we're working on currently:

  1. Key Mapping Support
  2. Custom TDP Fix
  3. Improving Gyro Support
  4. Battery Charge Limiting

Some of these require more interdepartmental coordination and effort expenditure than others so you may see lower priority items addressed first. Again the speed at which improvements are made does not reflect priority but resource and development time requirements.  High confidence all of these will be addressed, just a question of when not if, and the team understands the urgency here.

Controller Firmware Update

This week we released an off-cycle controller FW update to address some bugs/issues out of cycle as well as to add some hooks for functionality in future Space updates.

Some of the issues addressed/support added:

  • Fix for unsynchronized lighting effects between L/R controllers
  • Fixed a bug where the Left controller light wasn't turning off with the rest of the system
  • Improved speed of light effect switching from the right menu
  • Fixed low hit rate on factory setting restoration while controllers are attached
  • Optimized trackpad palm rejection while detached
  • Added a power key light switch interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)
  • Provided trigger deadzone interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)
  • Provided sleep timing interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)

UI Improvements and Customizations

As I mentioned above, some of the Space SW improvements require support from other functions. If, when, and while the SW team has any downtime as a result of this, they are working on the side to overhaul the UI. We did discuss customization options becoming available at some point as aesthetics are very subjective. Many of you have asked about reskins or UI redesigns and while this is definitely not a high priority or urgent item for us compared to some of the other requests, we are working on it.


AFMF is in the works with AMD. There is a process for driver validation and qualification for Legion Go so it won't be out right when it's out of Beta from AMD but hopefully not too long after. Just wanted to let you know we're aware of how cool the technology is and are planning to implement at the earliest possible time.


For North America (US&Canada), we were able to finally provide the option to upgrade your warranty last week.

We are now working on and should be close to completing the option to add ADP (Accidental Damage Protection). As of today it looks to be available. Reminder, ADP is available as an add-on to the warranty. If you buy ADP coverage longer than your warranty you will be required to extend your warranty as well.

All of that can be done here: Lenovo Support US

For Europe, while I don't manage this directly, I have been in touch with my counterparts there who are working on providing a path to upgrade and extend warranty service as well. Note, ADP does look to now be available as an addon after checking a UK serial number. Warranty is still a work in progress.

Other Issues Still Being Tracked

  • Fan Whine - Issue has been addressed in manufacturing, understand that does not help any current customers, working on recommendations there.
  • Controller Wobble - Issue has been addressed in manufacturing as well, similar to above, working on "official" recommendations for those already impacted.
  • External monitor in portrait mode - service tip released here that may help: Tip Here 
  • Some miscellaneous tips and suggestions here that may help with various issues you may have been experiencing: Lenovo Forums Tips for Legion Go
  • Adrenalin co-install with VGA driver updates. Make sure when running the official driver install package that you run as administrator. If for some reason that does not pull in Adrenalin you can manually install from the Microsoft Store: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9NZ1BJQN6BHL 
  • Fullscreen/Upside down issues in certain games, still being looked into.
  • Left Speaker interference
  • SD Card stutter and Freeze on certain games with RealTek card reader (at the moment Realtek seems to be more affected by this than Genesys). Still working on this internally and externally with the help of our beta testing team.
  • LT / LS interference when Deadzones are adjusted too small. Shout out to rahlquist for helping to clearly identify the issue and a potential solution that our teams are looking into. For now, recommend adjusting your deadzones/response curves to mitigate this as best as possible. Reality is the reduction in deadzone required to generate this phenomenon is probably overkill for most users. If deadzone % >= ~ 10% doesn't severely impact your game play it should mostly eliminate this interference from the hall sensor magnetics of LT/LS.
  • Desire to improve charging compatibility +/- 65W

There are a lot of smaller items in our overall tracker for action that I won't list out here (things like requests for extra switches/buttons that perform simple tasks, hiding games in Space, etc.). Again, it's difficult to post every individual thing we're working on but if you don't see your favorite issue here it doesn't mean it's not being looked at.

Quick PSA as well: Seems like some of you may be conflating my regular Friday updates with planned SW or driver releases.  There is no significance from a development or release cadence with this day of the week it just happens to be when I have a few moments to sit down and write an update.  In other words, we are not delaying updates until "Friday" nor are we specifically targeting Fridays for feature releases.

Thank you as always for the continued interest in and support for Legion Go!

Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.