Legion Glasses

Is anyone else using the Legion Glasses with their Go and experiencing the blurring around the edges? Can Lenovo implement a software solution that would allow you to change the viewing distance of the virtual screen through a future update to legion space? I think that would make the user experience while using the Glasses with the Go much better. 

  • G'day David, haven't tried them myself but would also recommend you possibly look to post this in the US part of the site as well given the higher number of users so the higher likelihood of replies from other users.
    Legion Go | Lenovo Gaming (US)

  • Hey, thanks! I didn't realize I wasn't posting in the US group. Appreciate it.

  • To clarify, this is the AU group, no issues posting in both that's why I was suggesting you could also post the same in the US group via that link given they have more persons active in their forum (ie more people with the product). The AU group is slowly building in numbers and as the product hits our stores in greater numbers we will no doubt have more users as well. I'm hoping to be one of them later in the year :)