Legion Go Update 26.01.2024

Hi All,

Don't have too much time (or content) for a super robust update this week but in the interest of continuing the communication cadence I'll share a few things.

Legion Space Update (tentatively v1.0.2.6)

Still on track to release by end of next week unless any major issues/flaws discovered during beta testing.

BIOS v29

Updated BIOS has been officially released, and can be downloaded here: Lenovo Support US

Key updates:

  • Based on v28 and include everything v28 delivered
  • Added Auto VRAM (UMA Buffer) selection
  • Optimization of custom fan table interface for future use by Legion Space (nothing user-accessible at the moment, needs the Space Update)
  • Added support for Charge Limiting (by Legion Space, later, not user accessible yet)
  • Various security improvements and bug fixes

Other Driver Updates

Note: recommend installing the v29 BIOS update first for a smoother install experience for the below updated drivers.

Alternatively you can wait until the release of the next Legion Space software which should include the ability to update these for you rather than you doing it manually.

Beta Realtek SD reader Driver

Offering up an updated Realtek SD reader driver to see if it can help alleviate performance issues some of you are experiencing.  Don't have high hopes for this to resolve it but some people have seen improvements so looking to understand if this can help others as we continue to root cause the issue.  Info can be found here: Legion Go RealTek Card Reader Beta Driver 10.0.22631.21370_20231124_WHQL


We are aware that this driver is out of Beta from AMD and looking at how to properly implement on the Go.  I have heard from those who have installed/sideloaded unsupported drivers in an attempt to get access to this feature that while it works sometimes, there are several other issues introduced by the installation of the driver (performance issues, potrait mode issues, lower performance in some cases, etc.).  Would strongly recommend waiting for an official implementation of this as I've also heard it can be a bit difficult to uninstall/roll back.

Thanks as always for the continued support.

Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.