Microsoft's Mobile Store coming in July

Be interesting to see how this is going to be rolled out. And what push back it possibly gets from governments globally.

  • Its going to be interesting how they get into the space, and try and create that market share. All mobiles kinda already have their own stores apart from Google and Apple. Samsung has their own store as well, if my memory serves me correct, its linked to the Epic store and had the huge Epic vs Google vs Apple issue on in app payments. Would Microsoft mobile go down this road, and they have many acquisitions such as candy crush, blizzard/activision, etc. Only time will tell, but more competition is always a good thing! 

  • Any word on what they intend to charge third party publishers? If they offer something less than the 30% everyone else charges I'll be pretty happy - definitely need more competition in the space to keep the big players in check.

  • I'm hoping to hear that its not the same as the others, then its only exclusives and little apps here and there. Very much like the Samsung store having fortnite and epic stuff

  • They've said they're going to launch with in house first party titles then open it up to other partners. Starting with web access not dedicated platform and to avoid policy restrictions. Some base information from Sarah Bond (Xbox President) from an interview

  • Not sure what they're going to be charging, they're mentioning cross platform still so I definitely think the next Xbox console is going to be more like a NUC system. Definitely the direction they seem headed

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    Man I don't know what Xbox is doing after the latest studio closures Disappointed

  • Its a shame, so many good studios just gone. HIFI rush is being reverse review bombed on steam in spite of the closures. 

  • Yea they deserved better. I'm also pretty upset about Arkane Austin, Prey is my favourite game of all time and deathloop was a lot of fun too. I know redfall failed but from the rumours it sounds like they were forced to make it and obviously failed because it's not just their type of game.

    So it's really just executive decision making that caused a great studio to close.

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    Square Enix have just come out and stated they'll be looking to multiplatform future titles, like i said I think the next gen consoles will be similar to a NUC, the way its going they may even co-brand the next Game Console the way they're going!!

  • Not surprising with Square Enix, they usually announce record amounts of games sold for any release within the first few weeks. They bucked this trend so far, not announcing how many units of FF7: Rebirth was sold. I'm guessing since it was a middle game in a trilogy, they may have not hit the targets they needed for their AAA game. I mean, from FF7: Remake, its not surprising, since they had so much hype, it could only come down after that release.