Current State of Mobile Games

How do you think the state of the mobile games is nowadays? Is it doing well in comparison to other gaming devices/platforms? If so, then do you think that it can play as a vital factor when one's choosing which phone they're gonna go for next -- a gaming-focused one or any average mobile would do? If not, where do you think it's lacking? Where do you see the state of mobile games in the future?

  • Its a strange one, there is untapped potential for sure however I feel you need to break it down to what is profitable. The following points are something to think about for mobile games

    1. Everyone has a phone, but each and every person uses their phone differently. A gamer that has the latest and greatest phone or compared to the kid that has the iphone 8 hand me down, it would be hard to exclude them due to limitations of the hardware. Throw in Grandmas and Grandpas and then little 6 year old ipad viewers and you have the largest size aged based market.

    2. Everyone has a different variation of a phone, not like a console models differ between brands and specs particularly for android which would make it hell for devs to make a game try and run say on a phone that is 4, 6 or even 10 generations older

    3. The app store is over run with copycat games, once a killer app or game comes out think about all the copies that follow. That segments market share. 

    That being said, I believe the market is going the right direction for a few games, like Genshin Impact where if a company has the time, money and fanbase it can really profit and provide great gaming moments. They are a few far between as the limitation on still being a functional phone and the separation of gaming device makes it a hard task to navigate. 

  • I feel like for our generation, growing up mobile games was the go do. You might have had your own phone/ipad, or used your parents but mobile gaming is all we would do. But as we are growing up people are realising the potential in PC gaming, and along with the gpu prices dropping most people are getting/have one. From my point of view, I feel like mobile gaming is dead, but I don't know if young people are playing games on phone like I did when I was little or they have consoles.

  • Mobile games to me feel like a totally different thing to PC games, the usual purpose of a mobile game is to provide some sort of addictive format in which the user wants to constantly come back for more so that the game maker then can advertise more. Realistically most popular mobile games are going to be free. This means that most will focus on providing ads. Whereas PC gaming the focus is quality and enjoyment. The games just need to be good enough quality to get popular and then sell lots. In my opinion PC and Console gaming are naturally more addictive as they are just more enjoyable due to the quality. Mobile gaming will probably always be a thing, but never anything super serious because once you get serious, you goto PC.

  • Not very bright. As most of them require mobile data all the time unlike in the past. Where only a handful of them played offline.

    Also, the beauty of mobile gaming is its simplicity yet charming but nowadays mobile gaming is getting complex and complex with microtransactions and grinding being the main goal despite gameplay.

  • In the future, PC games and console games will become obsolete. In my country, there is already that trend, and the latest PS5 and XBOX machines are not selling well. The demand for gaming PCs is not that great. Above all, mobile games are attractive because of their accessibility and free-to-play. Many game developers in Asia are also mobile game companies, and it is not uncommon for the younger generation in particular to not even own PCs or consoles.

  • My view is that they fill a different need. Mobile games do well at filling in small chunks of time while you're waiting out and about - time that you'd still be waiting for a PC or console game to load. That's a niche that appeals to a heap of people and the games are so much more accessible because everyone has a phone in their pocket.

    That does also mean that vulnerable people are also more readily taken advantage of with respect to monetization though...

  • I feel like mobile games have died down a lot for someone like me. Back in the good old days it used to be a lot more fun when you would be able to play a game and not have any ads or paywalls. Now if you try to play those games, everything is behind a paywall and is riddled with ads. I'm hoping in the future the amount of ads in mobile games reduce but I currently dont see that happening.

  • Mobile games are definitely not a priority to me when choosing my mobile phone. Simply because the battery life on mobiles is just not that great and often mobile titles are somewhat lacking in quality and functionality.

    Portable gaming devices though I believe definitely have a great future as they're able to handle AAA titles, bring on the launch of the Legion GO!!