guys who have been play

  • Been playing Hades. Easily one of the best games of 2020!

  • I've been playing Animal Crossings. Pretty fun game. Now I'm thinking about whether to buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC or the collection for Switch. I'm a very big fan of the game and completed it on PC like years ago. Andromeda was pretty fun for me too even though most of the people don't like it. Now I'm not sure about playing an FPS game on Switch but I travel a lot and gonna go to my grandfather's property in Italy to spend the summer there soon without my laptop. So I think I will buy the complete edition for Switch.

  • Love ACNH! I find it's a great game to chill and unwind - I hope they release new critters to catch as that's what kept me engaged for the longest time Sweat smile

  • Btw, very envious of your plans to spend the summer in Italy! 

  • Phoenix wright and I restarted my Animal Crossing Island since my fiance's niece and nephew demolished it LOL

  • Ahhh Phoenix Wright brings me back Joy 

  • Currently playing Persona 5 Royal, I'm such a fan of the series and to finally have this game on a portable handheld is just perfection. 

  • Wave 5 of the Mario Kart tracks are out today, the second last wave. I'm excited to play and race the misses!