Optimal Gaming Setup??

Will be moving in the next month and finally have the ability to dedicate a room to gaming, what would be your both your ultimate and or recommended setup in terms of number of monitors as well as desk and chair options??

  • Depending on you budget and how much you want to spend, the world is your oyster! How long is a piece of string and how deep is your wallet.

    I've actually got my ultimate room, it can always be updated of course as tech is always improving and advancing but so far I'm so in love with my current setup.

    Things you may want to invest in first up from my experience.

    Monitor screen: Depending on if you like one giant ultrawide screen or many monitors

    Table: I would suggest a sit/stand setup to assist with you still being able to play games or work while standing

    Chair: I have an Anda Seat, but many options out there, dependant on price and style

    Theme: Do you want one? Are you happy with RGB, do you have other hobbies or collections that can be displayed? In my case, I love Neon Genesis Evangelion, and that was my theme. My wife painted a mural (if you wanted to see it in time-lapse) and everything else slotted in. Nanoleaf light panels, RGB led strips, Philips hue sync so games and shows have that light bleed behind the monitor. 

    Tip: Do it in stages, its quite expensive and it was always fun when you saved up for something and added the room. 

    Tip2: Wall colours are great to enhance the atmosphere as well! 

    Sorry its a bit messy in the second pic, but you get the idea

    Enjoy and hope to see some pics Cee! 

  • *** that's an impressive set up! I might have a bunch of questions lol. Where's the pegboard type thing from? How's the Andaseat comfort and quality?

  • Ask away!

    The pegboard is actually from Ikea! I know, so random, but they have a Ikea x Asus ROG colab, tonnes of good stuff there and great priced being from Ikea. 



    Andaseat is great, comfy and all. Probably not as good as a Secretlab but readily available at JB HIFI where I tried one out before we purchased them online. 

  • ***!! That's a super unreal setup!! Your wife is super talented as an artist and did an amazing job!! 

    Which desk type and monitor is that in your first pic? I definitely wanted to go a sit/stand desk, had looked at the Magnus options from Secret Lab. 

    Will need to measure up space to see what I have to work with when I make the move. 

    I will ideally be looking at a theme, I have a few ideas but thought I'd need to get the desk/monitor/seat combo sorted at a minimum initially. Have started looking a lot more online for some inspiration on themes and setups. 

    Appreciate the tips as well, will definitely have to be a step by step staged process.

  • How has the Andaseat held up longer term? I see a lot of torn up  cheap PU leather "gaming" chairs on marketplace so worried about them degrading a bit.

  • Mine is holding up fine, we have 2 cats and fabric would have been scratched like our sofas. I've no issues with mine being the XL model, and the wife is happy with hers. Purchased in 2020 and still going strong to this day. 

  • The desk is an Eureka Z1-S. Its a great desk and able to hold my monitor, just. Its not sit/stand, so you may want to go get something that is. When I got it, sit/stand desks were still quite expensive, but now they have come down in price.


    My monitor, my joy. Its a Samsung Odyssey G9, first model so not OLED, but its pure 49" of screen and I love it. The main issues with ultrawides are that many games don't support the resolution, but the upside as you can see, its all screen goodness. 


    I would suggest you get a mount arm for your monitor as well, make sure its weight rated as these ultrawides are quite heavy! 

  • Good information to know, I wondered the same about the seat, comparably they both have good reviews but they're often normally posted at purchase and not several years down the track. comfort wise still good as well? 

  • Just had a look at the JB range its quite expansive based on their website, I hadn't really thought of them to have a decent range so definitely need more research for the sit/stand desk I go for. 

    Where there resolution is not supported how does the game appear on the monitor? Are you able to effectively set up 'multiple monitors' withing the ultra wide viewing space? Screen looks amazing and immersive!! 

    Noted on the mounts, definitely worth investing a little more to negate the risk of a monitor dropping! 

  • Just taken this pic, just as comfy.