Steam Summer Sale 2024 - June 27 at 10:00 AM PT (17:00 UTC) ending on July 11.

Just a heads up on the upcoming sale if there's any titles you've been keeping an eye on waiting for it to go on sale. Hopefully you get some great bargains! 

  • There goes my wallet, hoping for some great discounts!

  • There's a new category "Deep discounts" which is pretty interesting. Hopefully some big historic lows...

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    Sounds like it could be a very dangerous category to some of us and one I will be checking often

  • agree, it will be either really good games cheap, or really bad/ok games at cart fillers... hoping its the former!

  • If you're a racing fan, apparently Forza Horizon 4 is being delisted so this is your last chance to buy it. Has an OK-ish discount going.

  • Even a mix of both those elements is fine, I dont mind picking up some of the older RPG titles I never got around to playing previously, they seem to get deeper discounts as the newer titles release. 

  • Any good RPG's on sale for recommendation? I'm stuck playing Balatro

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    It's here!

    Actually some wicked deals. Disco Elysium at 90% off is incredible. 

  • Disco Elysium, such a great game, so dark but the story, wow. 

  • No doubt you would of already played the Witcher 3, otherwise its also a steal at $5.99