Diablo 4

Who is in Sanctuary, how are you feeling about the game?

What is your main and also how do you like them?

I'll start, I'm a Sorcerous around level 56

Mainly fire and thunder damage

And am absolutely loving the game so far, love the world bosses, love the tree, love that it cross play enabled (I'm on PC and a few makes on Xbox) and love the loot

Downside, its Diablo 3 but upgraded, well that may not be a down side.  


    On level 64 now and finding it difficult to manage mobs and crowds with my elect and fire sorcerous. 

    It seems like most end game Sorcerous are spec frost, anyone have ideas? I don't want to do the same as everyone, but if that is the way to go, I may need to respec now just before the next paragon board. 

  • Im currently lvl 66 Rogue, know what you mean about mobs can be tough but i think thats because they are trying to get more people using the co-op party experience where different classes can complement each other better. Still a great deal of fun either way! 

  • I'm playing a level 77 Frost Sorceress, but I haven't run into any stumbling blocks yet.

    Seriously consider changing to frost.

  • Yeh, agree. I also think once you hit level 70 it pans out to be way easier on tier 4, so doing solo will be easier. Its just you have to get there.

  • I've respec and yeh, frost is just way more powerful with frost nova, having that stack is amazingly overpowered! 

  • What class is everyone considering using for Season 1? Im considering redoing a Rogue so I can see the full extent of the class once its fully leveled

  • I'm considering venturing to Rogue, looks massive fun. My main is Sorcerer and I played Barb on the beta. 

  • It can be intense diving right in, teamed up with an ice sorc this afternoon and complemented eachothers builds well. Will be interesting to see which uniques they make available and get community feedback on the 18-19th

  • Feels like a but of a pause at the moment until seasons gets released in a few days. Hoping it invigorates D4 once again. 

  • I haven’t looked into this game much but it seems super popular. If anyone can compare it to any other games to give me an idea of what it’s like and whether I’d enjoy it that would be so nice!