Diablo 4

Who is in Sanctuary, how are you feeling about the game?

What is your main and also how do you like them?

I'll start, I'm a Sorcerous around level 56

Mainly fire and thunder damage

And am absolutely loving the game so far, love the world bosses, love the tree, love that it cross play enabled (I'm on PC and a few makes on Xbox) and love the loot

Downside, its Diablo 3 but upgraded, well that may not be a down side.  

  • Im still grinding away at lvl 40+ nightmares to get the glyphs upgraded so I can see how the Rogue build is at higher strength. Finally got the pentinent greaves to drop for it as well which mixes things up a little. Definitely think Ill go rogue now that ive enjoyed game play at the higher levels

  • To be honest Id recommend tuning into a streamer, then you can see the gameplay over a couple of hours and see if it for you.

  • Agree with  just pop on twitch or youtube for reviews or gameplay. Its a classic dungeon crawler that is worth looking at and playing with friends. 

  • The game is a lot of fun in the early game but it's alcking endgame activities. Once you play on world tier 4 and have your equipment optimised you're only around level 80 which makes the last 20 levels a grind without much progression. But I'm sure they'll have soemthing in store for us in the future to make it more interesting.

  • 100% this, I'm finding it hard to login for world bosses, legion and helltide events without anything new. So seasons hopefully with reinvigorate this, otherwise all that potential is lost

  • optimised...the grind for a solid pair of pentinent boots is real!! Would love some extra endgame content for the same reasons, that glyph levelling is a slow grind! 

  • Glyphs are a bane in all dungeon existence! Slow grind indeed, and some of challenges from the glyphs make solo dungeons almost impossible. 

  • Jeff and others have you had a chance to jump in since the update, some interesting adjustments those combined with the malignant drops should make for some interesting tweaks to the various builds. Sounds like Druid and Rogue are the most voted to be taken into Season 1

  • Yeh, I feel my main sorcerer is now been nurfed so its no longer feasible to play on seasons as new. I'll go rogue for sure now, tis made my decision that much easier. 

  • Nice they rolled back the lower shard drop rate on hellfire, maybe they'll make some other changes after their campfire chat tomorrow