What did you buy in the steam Summer sale?

I picked up Titanfall 2 on 85% off

  • I bought Prince Of Persia Franchise for 82% OFF

  • I am planning to pick Crew 2 but I don't know which edition was better.

  • I havent bought anything yet, you guys got any suggestions that I can consider?

  • I believe there's a guide that shows what you get for each edition. I have the highest tier with the included base season pass when it was dirt cheap. There should be something on the Steam game page if you scroll down into the details portion.

  • I checked it earlier but It honestly didn't help. It only shows what you are getting if you purchase it (same old marketing gimmicks) but it didn't tell why should you get it in the first place. I mean there is not any comparison chart or anything that compares the base edition with other editions.
    Anyway, I did some research of my own and come to know that the base edition already has enough cars like 350+ and the season pass is just like a starter pack with some extra stuff and it's also double the price of the base game which is not worth it in my opinion. So buying standard now!

    And for anybody that plays casually, the base edition is more than enough.

  • They may have removed it or changed it. That's where I last remember seeing it, maybe it was on the Ubisoft page itself, so I apologize for that. I also agree that the base edition is just fine for most people, I just went overboard due to the large price difference haha

  • To be honest nothing. Back in the days sales used to be something special and nowadays each weekend you get some kind of sale. The summer sale lost it's relevance and I'd rather buy a game whenever I feel like playing it instead of buying stuff and never even touching it

  • So boring but I bought the full version of 3DMARK, just for benchmarking. Its not gaming, but hey its always good to do a benchmark or two. Slight smile

  • Got myself Forza Horizon 5. Wasn't the biggest of discount since the game is relatively new, but still got some extra % for already owning Forza Horizon 4. Looking forward for a ride through Mexico

  • Me and my mates picked up Raft on the last day of the sale and we’ve been playing it a bunch and having a good time doing it too.