What did you buy in the steam Summer sale?

I picked up Titanfall 2 on 85% off

  • After my first message, I picked up Raft from the steam sale. It was around 30% off and i got it for $30 AUD because all my friends also bought it.

  • I had my eye on a lot of things but in the end only bought Raft. It's a game that I've been hoping would go on sale for a while and was honestly disappointed it only dropped in price by $10 off. I bit the bullet and bought it anyway. To be honest I thought this year's "summer" sale (even though its winter for us all right now) was overall disappointing. Did anyone else think this too? As I write this comment the Assassin's Creed franchise is on sale and that has me more excited than the summer sale did.

  • persona 5, street fighter 6. but I have not time to play Disappointed I cant wait for summer vacation.

  • I also bought Far Cry 5 from the summer sale. Cant wait to play, I have played FC3 and really enjoyed it.