Starfield ... Is it going to be as big a legacy as Skyrim??

Thoughts on this upcoming game? Personally I've been looking forward to it and have grabbed the upgrade copy, hope it may get as many hours as gameplay as I put into Skyrim over the years although some games these days are released with a fair bit of work still whats your thoughts is this going to be a hit or a bust??

  • well based on the gameplay shown and the history of Bethesda RPG games, they will make not only a great game, but a new game style to the industry. 

  • Big hit, but it needs time. Gonna be bugs galore but once the community comes in and the mods. Think Fallout and Elder Scrolls communities with their mods. Amazing but needs time as always

  • Space games I've played take time to collect funds and materials for travel and spaceship updates. In the middle of it, I get bored and stop playing, but I hope this work solves that.

  • There have been many disappointing cases of games recently, and I may not expect too much from this game It's a new ip after all

  • Liking all the information thats starting to be shared by the developers on game play, game has also now gone gold! Only 14 days away now!! 

  • Yea I've heard its gonna be the biggest open worlds of all time

  • Curious what your thoughts are now that the game has been out a little bit. Everything I've seen has lived up to my expectations (not had a chance to play myself, saving for Xmas) but it seems like the internet has turned on it a little. 

  • From my perspective was really looking forward to its release and invested a lot of early hours into the game, there are dynamics that are somewhat repetitive and to be honest haven't picked it up in the last 3 weeks now. That being said I will play it from time to time, but its nowhere near the quality that skyrim brought and seen me going back to time and time again! Now I wait for the next Elder Scrolls...

  • I think the problem is the lack of detail in many of the planets. Also how inconvenient it is to move locations on said planet. I was talking to a friend about it and he has said that you have to go back in your ship just to move locations if it is decently far away instead of being able to explore.

  • Bit of a shame then! I guess it might need a little time for modders to take over.  Vanilla Skyrim had great story but was quite the buggy mess at launch so I have some muted optimism for next month when I give it a go lol.