Any hidden gems that have come out recently?

Sup everyone. I like indie games, it's always cool to see the great results and achievements of a small team and experience something unique and distinctive. I think there are a lot of like-minded people regarding the indie game niche, so if you're one of us my question for you is what indie game(s) that didn't get much traction have you tried out recently and liked it/them?

  • I usually play fast paced and crazy games like Overwatch and Battlefield but also I love a good chill and calm games; like those you just spend hours watching it calmfully and enjoy it. one those games for me is Mini Motorways. It is a very simple and calm game but it gets crazy later on and I don't think it got the love it deserved.

  • I just want to say...I read "crazy" as "cozy" and was about to die laughing at the description of Overwatch and Battlefield being that way Joy

  • Can recommend the game Pseudoregalia. It's a small indie game with retro PS2 graphics that has a huge focus on movement abilites that feel super smooth once you figure out how to combine them. Overall it's a mix of dark souls, metroidvania and super mario 64 if I had to give some games to descirbe the feeling of it. It's also very cheap and not that long so perfect for a evening after work or an entire weekend

  • I really like Peglin, a Dungeon-crawler-rougelike that does it's combat with peggle. It's been out for a while but is still in early access so that makes it underrated to me :) 

  • STONKS-9800: Stock Market Simulator - on steam early access game, at the moment its on sale and its a fun nostalgic simulator worth the tenner! 

  • I know the title mentions ones that have come out recently but like berryblaster below I just want to bring attention to a title that is still in development but looks like it will be great. Was shown off at the GameAwards and was at Xbox's Paris Game week as well for fans to try. On their twitter page you can register for their insider program to potentially get early access to this as well. 

    Game is called Towerborne from Stoic Studio (Elements of Golden Axe/Castle Crashers mixed with Action RPG), looks like it could be a good multiplayer/co-op title when it fully releases.