Advice for First-Time PC Buyers

In 2020, more people are trying PC gaming than ever before.

For first-time PC buyers, learning everything you need to know to start PC gaming can be overwhelming. 

What are your tips for those who want to start playing on PC, but don't know where to start?

Any valuable resources/links that helped you learn when starting out on PC?

  • First off. Buy a Lenovo Legion and get Legion Ultimate Support. You will be covered no matter what happens with bumper to bumper warranty. Even the charger is covered and we all know how many companies stick you on that 1. 

    Do not over think when comes to what screen it has. Lenovo offers 3 or 4 display options for the Legion series. Most people hate on the 120hz display. it is the 1 I have and it is beautiful. Do not let the picky elitist fool you. Yes the other display options are better but the 120hz is amazing in its own right.

    Do not get caught up in the AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia hogwash. The Nvidia GPU lineup is definitely better than the AMD GPU but both Intel and AMD offer more than enough power in the CPU department to push current games to more than playable frame rates.

    Find a few good games and have a good time. Stay safe out there everyone. 

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