Lenovo Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Is anyone here using The Legion M600 Mouse are they good?Thinking about buying one Today can get on special for $85


  • Heya Cybergenius! Not sure if you're still in the market for one of these but it now comes in Stingray White! Grinning www.lenovo.com/.../GY51C96033

  • Gonna be honest and say I had no idea there were Legion peripherals. I got my Legion 7 laptop since I would be without my main desktop for a number of months and called it a day from there. I will now look into this.

    Thanks for posting this question since it has me looking into something new. Smiley

  • There are soooo many peripherals! At one point in time, we had our XL mousepad selling like hotcakes! Joy