Are you hyped about Frostpunk 2?

A sequel to Frostpunk, the BAFTA-nominated game by 11 Bit Studios, got announced! An announcement trailer was released, showing that the world of Frostpunk has moved on from coal to oil - not forgetting the game brutality. It is one of the three current in-house games of the studio. The game was announced for release on PC (via Steam, GOG or the Epic Games Store), but the original was also released on consoles and mobile - so perhaps more platforms will be announced later. 

And for guys like me, Frostpunk is a simulation-strategy game about managing a city during a global volcanic winter. And via steam "Frostpunk is the first society survival game. As the ruler of the last city on Earth, it is your duty to manage both its citizens and infrastructure. What decisions will you make to ensure your society's survival? What will you do when pushed to breaking point? Who will you become in the process?"

And if you haven't played the game, feel free to try out Frostpunk as it's going free-to-play on Steam between 12th to 16th August.
Trailer Link:


Have you played Frostpunk? If yes how do you feel about this announcement? But if you're new, with so much hype from the players, will you give it a try?

Hope you have a great day or a good night :)

- WhitePhoenix_


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