Cyberpunk 2077: 2.0 update and Phantom Liberty!

2.0 just got released and Phantom Liberty is just around the corner. How's everyone finding the update? How's the hype for the DLC?

  • To be fair I enjoyed this title on release, definitely didn't feel that it deserved as much negativity as it received. The 2.0 release is great I jumped back in for a few hours earlier today and its got me really looking forward to Phantom Liberty, hopefully a lot of people who previously wrote this title off dive back in as well! 

  • Initial vision of the DLC looks great, I've been watching a few streamers today showing the Phantom Liberty DLC, all have enjoyed their playthroughs and I'm definitely keen to get some gameplay in!

  • Cool to hear! I'm loving 2.0 but started a fresh playthrough so not seen any of the DLC yet.

  • Wanting to know if I should get it or not. I am wanting to but dont know if the glitches have been fixed and it is still worth it for the price or if I should wait until its on sale. What is your opinion on it?

  • Glitches were only really a problem on last gen consoles, I played through on release on PC without issue and has been fixed up even more in the last two years. 

    Valuewise obviously depends on your own opinion but I paid full price and absolutely zero regrets. If you enjoy the setting, dark gritty moral ambiguity and action with a deep story, it's worth it 

  • Sounds good. The main thing that stopped me was the glitches but if they aren't a problem on PC then I just might get it. Not sure if I will wait for sale or not. I probably will cause I have other games at the moment that I am playing but thanks for the reply.

  • Update from me: about 20 hours into 2.0 now and I gotta say it's a lot of really great changes. Love the redesigned systems, builds feel a lot more meaningful and less restrictive. I played on PC so only really had visual bugs at launch but I've not encountered any issues at all this time around. Very pleased!

  • Good to hear! I have it on my list of games to play. Definitely looking forward to it after hearing that everything is fixed.

  • Well last night I did see an NPC on an invisible motorbike but I don't know if that is a glitch or not with the new Camo tech in game lol

  • Doesn't seem like it is a big glitch if it is one. It would be pretty cool to have invisible motorbikes in the game just on the street with the camo tech you talked about.