PC games with couch co-op?

Hi all,

It's bit of a struggle to find them nowadays but my wife and I had an amazing time playing It Takes Two and Baldur's Gate 3 in splitscreen via my PC. So now I'm looking for any other recommendations for PC games that support local multiplayer!

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

  • Heavenly Bodies. Its an amazing game on steam and possibly other platforms that requires you and your friend (or wife in this case) to complete a series of missions to fix a spacestation. It's very funny and very enjoyable as well as being only around $30. Very worth it.

  • Never heard of that one, I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Your very welcome. I am sure you will enjoy it very much and have a good laugh from it as I have!

  • I should also mention that we have Xbox controllers hooked up to use, although the more forgiving the controls the better. It takes two was great for that although first person games like Portal 2 can be a bit challenging.

    Some others we really enjoyed are Stardew Valley, Gears 5, and Overcooked 1+2.

  • Lately we've also been playing The Room games which I picked up during the October sale. Pretty much escape rooms if you like those! In this case they are single player but we each have a wireless mouse and just talk through the ideas if that appeals to anyone.

  • I can't think of many native PC Games, but when I have friends over I use an Xbox emulator to play things like Halo 2 and Midtown Madness split-screen. 

  • That's an interesting idea I hadn't considered! It's pretty odd that Xbox can get coop but PC doesn't on the same titles. I had tried nucleus coop in the past but wasn't super impressed with the results but maybe emulation gives a better experience.

  • You could both grab Escape Room (today's free game on the Epic store) as it has co-op, could mix it up a little. A lot of my mates gf's don't mind jumping on in on Diablo 4 and Borderlands titles together as well as some other options.  

  • We actually played it when it first released on GamePass, it has splitscreen so works really well on the touch together. Was a little janky at the time since it had only just released but I expect it's improved since.

  • I've been playing 'It takes two' with a friend recently after a failed attempt with my wife (she rage quit after the first boss) and can honestly say this is one of those masterpiece games that throws a lot and a lot of it sticks! Has anyone played the other game 'A way out" and is it similar?