Black Friday PC game deals

Please share any great deals for PC games you come across this season! Especially for anything that might suit a handheld device...

I'll start: all of the Battlefield series are at historic lows in the Steam sale, $4.99 each for most of them!

  • With the release of the Legion GO definitely would be good to share any great deals getting around both for Black Friday / Cyber Monday and into the Christmas / Boxing Day sales as well!!

    Just a heads up the Battlefield titles may be on sale due to EA announcing they were closing down the servers for multiple titles

  • Good call, I picked them up for the single player campaign but they definitely seem to be funneling people to 2042.

  • I hate Battlefield 2042 just for the fact that the game is the reason they cancelled Battlefront 3. I don't know why since Battlefront 2 in its prime had a bigger playerbase than ALL the Battlefield games' playerbases COMBINED. Very dumb on EA's behalf.

  • They did make space for some great single player Star Wars games at least!

  • I wasn't super successful this sale, only picked up the BF games. Still got quite the wishlist so hopefully Xmas and New Year sales are a bit better!

  • Missed the opportunity