Classic games, New games, When did you start?

I hear alot about big gamers, but when did you all start? and with what platforms and games? Are you an oldschool gamer, or newschool?

I started on Atari, then to Sega master system and the commodore 64 when visiting my aunt all starting roughly 27 years ago when I was 4 or 5 years old.

Ahhh, the no save option on Sega's... Playing Alex kidd in miracle world... Anyone walking into the room while playing would cause the game console (sitting on wooden floor) to vibrate and freeze the game, Would have to reset the console and start again!

Who remember's the old blow in the game cartridge trick and smack the T.V? Those fixed everything!

In all honesty, I am grateful to have started long ago to play alot of classics on the old platforms. My family was poor and couldn't get the newest platforms but they did what they could.

If I could turn back time and have the top of the line stuff from this era back then, I wouldn't.

Windows 95 and 98 I played Doom, I believe it was 3 floppy disks to install and 1 more to play the game. Also Kings quest: heir today, gone tomorrow... they don't really make them like this anymore, Then runescape on dial up Internet.... Ahhh, the days you snuck out of bed early and cranked the dial up trying to smother the modem to muffle the noise to not wake your parents!

I used to have the old black brick black and white Gameboy, by this point I started saving pocket money and bought a second hand nintendo 64 from a swap meet.

Later down the track we got a second hand play station (the original)

Not sure if anyone remembers these things! For a while I had a first gen "skannerz" hand held device, They were kinda obsolete fast... But a cool niche game device.

For christmas on the release of the first xbox we got a brand new xbox console. This was big for my parents, they saved hard for that one. Halo: ce on that christmas day with my dad and uncle changed gaming for me forever!

Then I got the first edition Gameboy advance, Moved on to Xbox 360 and halo 3 multiplayer... At this point I started feeling gaming just wasn't the same, but still loved it.

Eventally moving on to xbox 3rd and now 4th gen, I own a laptop now finally.. Although never been able to afford a gaming one yet!

I miss the days google wasn't around, Everyone had to work it all out on their own, No relying on something else to give you answers. 

  • I think simply by talking about what you've played on it will provide an idea of someones age...Old school here 
    I remember playing the old systems Atari, Sega, Commodore 64, playing duckhunt at my mates regulary on the NES as well.

    Also remember the transition from DOS commands to Windows OS, and also the transition from the floppy disks to CD. Used to convince Dad to buy me gaming mags to get the free CD attached to the cover to try different games. Magazines would also tell you the 'cheat codes' as an alternate to ringing the $ per min call lines. Wing Commander and Privateer from back then are still my all time favourites. 

    Was working at EBGames during the launch of Xbox so put one aside for myself, have also had Playstation's, Nintendo's along the way as well. As a renter who has generally lived in smaller apartment settings I've been limited space wise to the use of Laptops over the years, hoping to have a home purchase in the next 6 months so I can finally set me up a proper gaming room.

    In terms of the google comment, really comes down to the individual and how much they opt to expose themselves to the available content, I know with RPG's I love to play through first play on my own and then go back and look to get all the various items/achievements which sometimes mean looking up assistance online.

    Definitely excited to see what future developments they reveal for the home stand alone PC, Laptop, Portable Gaming, VR spaces as technology is rapidly evolving in leaps and bounds!! 

  • Another old schooler, nice.

    I take it that your history with gaming you wouldn't have passed up for all the games and platforms from this generation?

    Not saying there's anything wrong with todays gear, just the experience of having these things was the best i think.. Slowly watching it all evolve from a few squares on the screen, then the excitement and surprise at the big difference as the new tech came out.

    When I personally look back the joys we got with such simplicity in gaming was bliss.

  • Watching it all evolve has been awesome, remembering titles that had 'Amazing, out of this world' graphics back in the day and how awesome they were at the time, then seeing them today still puts a smile on my face. The evolution has been awesome!

    And I'm definitely thankful we don't have dial up speeds anymore!! 

    Whilst I enjoy some of the remastered titles, I do wish they'd leave some exactly as they are and simply re-release them because that makes for a journey in itself!

    Definitely appreciative of more simpler times in gaming but that being said I also enjoy how big the gaming industry has become and love watching the high paced action in ESports Tournaments etc. I have found plenty of Indie based titles that still bring the old school nostalgia to their games 

  • As a kid I used to play the nintendo 64 and my only goal was becoming a pro at Super Mario 64. Those were the days.

  • My 'first' was a PS1, and I definitely have fond memories of playing Crash Team Racing with the friends after school. I never got another console after that but continued gaming with Halo multiplayer in my mates garage, followed by LAN parties in internet cafes for things like Dota which was my intro to PC gaming and that's where I've stuck ever since.

  • Lan party weekends used to be awesome, although the logistics were definitely a challenge and a half. Whilst there's been smaller internet cafe venues in different places over the years I really like the Fortress venues in both Sydney and Melbourne as a great place that your mates can come together for gaming sessions.

    Some people have tried to tell me that MMO's are the same and I've played a few and the community side of things can be great in raids etc but it's definitely not the same as gaming with mates in the same room!
    I also just remembered that a mate and I were ranked number 1 in the world for a period there in doubles for Topspin back in the day on Xbox, used to have to arrange to play super early mornings vs the top teams in Europe in order to get additional points to maintain the ranking. 

    Ryan - You can still become a pro with Super Mario: Wonder!! 

  • I still need to play Super Mario: Wonder. Seems really fun I have just been really busy but hopefully around Christmas I can.

  • I totally agree, the evolution has been a spectacle and some classics should be left alone.

    Spielberg had the right idea on E.T. Might not be a game, But that's an oldy I am grateful they never made a sequel.

  • I had Super smash bros and a pokemon game on nintendo 64, That era was cut short for me. Unique controller design on those.

  • Crash team racing was a classic, You know they have a remake of that out at the moment?

    Also on halo: ce I always wanted to try LAN parties, but everyone seemed to have a ps2 at the time... So we stuck with couch co-op and multiplayer on the one screen.