Games friendly to first time gamers

Looking for a few suggestions. I have a colleague at work who has been expressing a bit of interest in gaming with the rest of us, and we definitely want to include him, but he has never played a game before and struggled with controller use in the past. 

We're hoping to find a game which can support a few of us but won't be too punishing for first time gamers still learning the basics of WASD. Ideally a shooter or similar, crossplay PC/PS a bonus.

Thanks in advance!

  • For a FPS, I would ask them to start off with Portal, then once they finished it, Portal 2 co-op.
    It will assist with getting comfortable with WASD as well as the mouse for aiming. My Wife recently played a game and got vertigo as the mouse movements were too jerky. Tell us how it goes! Otherwise just jump in the deep end start off with something that is free to play like APEX.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Portal might be great for getting interested in games but you don't think the controls might be tough for a new player? I mainly say that because I replayed it recently and even with experience it can be quite disorienting with the rapid changes in perspective.

  • True, just go full old school then and start off with classic Wolfenstein or Doom. As a kid growing up on the the old 386 or 486 Doom was what started it all. That and Duke Nukem 3D 

  • Honestly think of it like anything else, only way you can get better at it is by doing it, show him some games, encourage him to view them on either streams or youtube vids to see the actual gameplay and then pick one and dive right in. I'd suggest one with co-op/multiplayer so you can support him as he gets the ropes. If he signs up for an PC Game Pass trial he could try a variety of games as well to see what he likes. 

    Halo or something similar could be a good option since if he dies he respawns so he isn't left spectating the game for long periods and not actually getting to enjoy the gaming. Also gives him an opportunity to play both solo and online

  • Those are brilliant ideas! Not much movement, pretty intuitive and heaps of fun lol. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Games are to be enjoyed, however not all games appeal to everyone. FPS games are not my favourite as well, but you have to find something they enjoy, then your gaming buddy might come along! 

  • Yea plan is for something that is co op multiplayer where we can carry along at our own pace. Since it was free during the holidays I was thinking Destiny 2 would be a good choice, fast respawns in a 3 player co op. Halo would be great but it's only 2 person I believe?

  • Destiny 2 could be good bit of fun, could just be some restrictions with the different levels of owned content to access some components of the game and definitely don't try explaining raids to him in the first instance!! haha

    Main story of Halo is now the 2 I also believe , I was thinking more so the big map multiplayer stuff. If you want a change of pace from FPS games like diablo can also be great fun where stronger characters can help play a supporting role as they get better. 

  • Diablo 3 was a great multiplayer experience, also for FPS possibly the borderlands games. They were fun, story and also the comical way it was delivered and the visuals were also interesting

  • I've never done raids myself lol so no issue, we all got the three free expansions so playing through those as an easy intro was my first thought. Diablo is a great idea too, I've not played those games either so would be fresh for all of us. Thanks!