What was that one game that got you hooked into gaming?

I'd love to put it out to the community here and hear what that one game that got you hooked into gaming!

I'll start... throwback to 1996 when I was 3 and button bashing my controller trying to beat my brother with Gon in Tekken 3 haha. 28 today and still sneak in a game or two at the arcades if it's around. 

Your turn!

  • I LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing a little snippet of your past Slight smile 

    My one's pretty similar, I have very fond memories of sitting on the floor of my cousins' living room, playing Super Smash Bros on N64! Never had a clue what I was doing - would always smash random buttons together, copying older cousins without realising there was a method to the madness... - and always chose Kirby as my fighter.  I recently played a round with mates on the Switch and all I will say is... some things never change LOL

  • I must say most of the NES games is what got me into it. Hopefully i can get myself a Switch as well, for step up (I have PS4 but portability is life).Video game

  • Agree, and yesss!! Love being able to bring the Switch wherever I go - beach, road trip, train ride into work Smiley 

  • Hard to list just one but spent a lot of my young years playing Wing Commander / Privateer, ... been waiting ages for Squadron 42 to be finished, hopefully it releases before 2050... haha

  • For me it has to be the original Pokemon Red on the Gameboy with the OG 151. It was just so different to everything else at the time. Would come home from school and switch on the gameboy and explore the regions and see what new Pokemon would appear and how can you catch them all. Then at school you discuss with your friends what they've caught and rumors in game (most of them were untrue). Kicked off the gamer and collector in me.