How to manage my display having bleed lines at the bottom.

I have been using my pc on charge while playing games. I do so suing the conservation mode and i was suspecting that this will cause an issue to my pc. I had no worries as of then because I know the pc is customized for gaming and so that shouldn't be an issue. Nevertheless as it stands, I think I need help on the best way to game on my lenovo Legion 5, seeing that there are bleed screen lines on the bottom of my screen and I wnat to prevent it from growing and fix it. I don't if my warranty should cover such damage because I have a one one year warranty that expires in July. Please if anyone can help me with these queries I'll be most grateful. 

  • I'm not sure if I understand right but if there is backlight bleeding from the edges of the screen, that's something that you should be able to get repaired under warranty.

  • I agree with Ben, just put it under warranty as you state you have until July. If not covered they will let you know. No harm in just calling or sending the team a message and asking

  • If in doubt definitely reach out to Lenovo support, they can advise accordingly whether its something that would be covered - Contactus - Lenovo Support AU
    I've not encountered any bleed lines on mine whilst playing games so not sure whether it would be directly related to this action (gaming whilst plugged in).