Hello all! My legion 5 has a new issue under load the fans are not increasing their speed and the temps are rising. Earlier I was also able to use the legion fan control but now I am not able to use it.

  • Hi Arpit! Sorry to hear you're experiencing this! I've messaged you with information on how to contact tech support to help investigate Slight smile

  • Hi there! Have you tried adjusting the fan control in Lenovo Vantage? Normally on Legion Series, thermal modes can be adjusted in Lenovo Vantage or by pressing Fn+Q. There are three modes, with the Intelligent Mode for default, and Quiet and Performance for additional modes. Kindly check Vantage to see if it's set to Intelligent Mode or Performance Mode.

  • Here in this video, you can view some tips regarding solving the fan issue. These tips were published by our Lenovo service center Mohali experts.