Spring Sales!

It's Autumn which means all the game stores are having their Spring Sales! Post your good finds.

A couple deep historic lows I'd recommend on Steam:

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice $4.29 (90%off)

Jedi Fallen Order $4.99 (90%off)

Half life: Alyx $29.90 (66%off)

Titanfall 2 $3.99 (90% off)

  • Not a good time for the old wallet, lots of bargains to be had! 

  • Picked up anything good? So far all I've grabbed is Tetris Effect 

  • nothing so far, just getting the free daily reward stickers. My backlog and wishlist stare at me with conflicting views. 

  • Ah the eternal struggle...

  • hahaha this is my biggest dilemma at the moment, must hold back on purchases!! Also expecting more sales for Pax East which is March 21-24 (local US)

  • Offline in reply to Cee (.

    I didn't realise Pax East meant sales? Next one on Steams calender is Deckbuilders Fest from 25th March.

  • Steam is becoming the 'EB Games is having a sale' every season and every event! 

  • Just a couple big ones and a few smaller niche ones; there is a pretty reliable calender they stick to: steamdb.info/.../