Looking back - favorite Playstation console?

With the PS5 release fast approaching, let's take a look back at previous PS systems.

If you could only choose one Playstation... which would you choose?

Once you've got your pick - why? Is it due to the games, the design, the nostalgia, etc?

  • I hope I notice this discussion earlier. It is interesting to discuss these consoles and their development over the last few years. I never had the chance to get other than the PS2 and PS4, but pretty much enjoy playing on PS4 because of the remastered version of the other games.

  • The most hours I've spent on a console would have been the PS3.Just due to my age, being at uni during that time, and being the console with online connectivity (not that the PS2 wasn't online). I love all of the previous gens and current gen. However PS3 has that spot where it was all happening fresh (and PSN was free back then).