What do you think about racing in Death Stranding?

A new trailer for the Death Stranding Director's Cut aired during PlayStation's State of Play event today, Showing more than what people had expected. According to the trailer, The Director's Cut will not only add a few stealth missions and performance upgrades (For PS5) but will also introduce multiple contents/assets and improvements. These include a range of new delivery tools (such as the delivery catapult, support skeleton, and a mountable buddy bot) new jump ramps, a new 'maser gun' (it's a laser gun), revamped melee fighting, mounted machine guns, and a firing range. Additionally, The Director’s Cut also brings a few tweaks to the UI, and the game’s online features, including a feature called Friend Play. But the one that caught my eye was the new "Racing" mode. Called "The Fragile Circuit", the mode seems like where you can build tracks and race against other player's ghosts. And honestly, It is kinda creepy (especially with the "race against ghosts" fitting seamlessly with the whole concept of the game) and cool. I'm pretty eager and excited to know how the players react to these new additions. And as a PC gamer, Fingers-crossed for the game will be available on PC eventually!

Let me know what do you guys think about the updates and are you broken or excited?

- WhitePhoenix_