Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Creating this as I am wanting to know about people's opinions on the game and how excited they are for it. I would also like to know what you want to see most in the game, what you have liked the most from the trailers and sneak peeks and what you are most worried about with the game. I personally bought the ps5 bundle so I am very excited for this game and love everything about it so far. I think the graphics look amazing, there are some incredible villains and all I am hoping for is that is holds its weight and lives up to everyone's expectations which I am sure it will.

My biggest question to you guys though is about the face. I personally love the changed face and don't get what people mean when they say Peter looks too young and he looks bad. I get that the change was a big one but to be honest, I never really liked his original face after getting into the remastered version. A few mates felt differently but have since been persuaded by the newest trailer where it shows him almost beaten and saddened. It looked amazing and I think its a massive step up to the remaster even though I already liked the remastered face.

Thanks for everything who responded and I hope to see you guys swinging around the place when it releases.

  • I enjoyed the first game but felt the combat was rather simple and repetitive, so my main concern was how that would evolve. The couple of reviews I've seen look promising in that respect! New novelists and harder/smarter enemies should make the whole game feel better.

    In my view Spiderman is meant to be young but visual choices like that don't bother me. I'll be in a suit 98% of the time anyway!

  • Could not agree more with you there. They are adding a party feature into the game along with lots of new mechanics so hopefully it's not too repetitive and there seems to be much more types of enemies added. Can't wait! Also thanks for the response!

  • Just read over this and realised I said party. I meant to say "parry feature", sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

  • Lol I will admit to a quick google wondering if there was multiplayer!

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    Reviews are out, I caught Skill Ups one and it looks like this is a unmissable game!

  • Yeah I have seen that too. If you havent already, I suggest you look at the latest launch trailer for the game. Only 2 more days until launch!

  • Update: One more day until release! For those who havent seen the new trailer the link is here:

    Some new MAJOR villains shown but I wont say incase some of you have been avoiding the trailers to be completely surprised. 

  • How are you enjoying it now that you have had a few days to play? Live up to the hype?

  • Yeah it's absolutely amazing. It makes everything good in the previous games so much better and the story so far is amazing. 10/10

  • Just a little update on the game.
    I have finished the story and I gotta say. It is an absolute masterpiece! It combines everything great about the previous 2 games and makes it so much better. The story was unlike any other and was just amazing. I beat the story in just over 20 hours on amazing difficulty and I got to say, I don't mind that it was only 20 hours, I still have to do other things in the game and it just felt like a really good amount of time, not too long and not too short. 10/10.