Spiderman 2 - 2023 Game awards

Nominated in 6 categories and won nothing

Any Spiderman 2 fans that think there was some injustice, or was this just a great year for games! 

  • It was actually nominated for 7 iirc but in my opinion (and many other fans' opinions) Yuri Lowenthal should have won best performance at least. His acting was just outstanding and how he said some lines in tough times really displayed his skill. 

  • Wouldn't say it were an injustice, sometimes there's multiple great titles that release in the same year and sometimes at the same time. Coinciding releases of big titles can heavily impact sales and market share and then when it comes to shows like this ultimately there can only be one winner. It's great to even get nominated as that provides more marketing exposure to the titles and generates discussion amongst gaming communities alike. 

    As gamers we can always have our own views on what game we've enjoyed in any given year and recommend to your friends accordingly just as there are some reviewers I favour over others in terms of the content and honest independent views that they provide. 

  • its so fantastic the year we had. So many great titles so there was a bunch of such high caliber games on all platforms.

    I mean the 6 game of the year award nominees could have won it if there were in any other year.